Art & Craft

We nurture the creative spirit of the kid by giving wings to imagination

Kids Yoga

Introducing Yoga to set strong foundation for shinning fortune of the child

Fitness session

Kids fitness classes for deep rooted affinity of fitness

Phonetic session

To built attentiveness and empathy, Phonetic sessions are sorted out


To sharpen the problem solving abilities, intelligence and pivotal thinking, Chess classes are provided

Story Telling

To develop emotions and feelings amidst the toddlers, story telling activity is being done


With passionate staff, we develop critical thinking and exploring capabilities among the kids

Water Play

To create uproarious, shouting, sprinkling fun, we arranges water classes

Block Play

We provide block play for stimulating sharpen creative skills in toddlers

Role Play

To improve communication skills, imaginative power and to give relaxation to mind, role paying session is organised

Show & Tell

Via this activity we focus on raising the learning abilities and innovative thinking in the kids

Lots of Fun Filled event organized for kids and their parents

For parents and kids, fun programme is being organised involving fun games and much more

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